Richard Enfantino

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"Please thank Richard for the most interesting book of both your adventures throughout the years! His art is filled with detail,fun and vibrant colors! Nancy, you also look so beautiful in your acting photos. Loved the one on the camel! How cool to be able to live and have such fabulous lives that one can only dream of!"  Sheerin

Alexandra Nechita: World renwon cubist painter and muralist.

"Love the bright colors!"

Susan Rios: Leading contempary artist of the intirmist style.

"There is something light and happy about Richard's work. He's one of those people you want to be around because you find yourself embodying his Life is Good philosophy."

Bill Boyd: Executive Director of the Academy of Country Music and Talent Coordinator for Dick Clark Productions.

"His art work is fantastic!"
Richards art work hung in Bills home and office

Carl Perkins: Carl Perkins was an American rockabilly music legend who recorded at Sun Records Studio in Memphis. His best known song is "Blue Suede Shoes".He also played with the Beatles, Eric Clapton, and many more.

"Richard's art work Rocks!"

"We have many of Richard's paintings hanging in our Villa"  Larry amd Genie

"Richard painted a painting for our penthouse in Las Vegas. Love it fantastic!!!"  Dale and Vickie

"Have Richard's Paintings hanging in my house.Love the bright colors"  Peggy Sue

"His parrots are so life like!!!!"  Don W.

"This is a really colorful print. Fast and GOOD service. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Ukule

"LOVE his Art Work"  Jackie D.

"Wonderful prints, have several."  Rebecca

"Even more exquisite, delicate & beautiful than expected."  Mission

"Stunning...ready to decorated the whole room around it! Thank you!"  Chris

"Bought as a gift. They love the print!"  Bee

"Beautiful print, Fast shipping!! Thank you!!"  Crenner

"Received very quickly and well packaged. I love the print!!! Thanks!"  Beer

"Beautiful print!! Great!!! Thank you."  DBC

"Fast ,Fast Delivery & Smooth Transaction. Great Goodie! THANKS."  Buffy

"Great art work, great service, excellant!!!!"  Lotus

"Beautiful print with excellent matting, would recommend most highly!!!"  Cathy

"Thanks for the beautiful art work! I love it" ! Nucca

"The print is beautiful! Thx so much for great communication and fast shipment!"  SCB

"Had to get the matching print, very nice work. Highly recommend!!!"  Rock

"Very beautiful picture. Very talented artist. Proud to display"  Daz

"Beautiful painting! good luck in the future."  Del


"This piece of art is stunning!"  Bijon

"Have lots of Richard art work hanging in our house. Just got the four new paintings in his Gambling Series WOW!!!" Lew and Joanna

Pino: Italian born artist. American book illustrator and artist. He painted the covers for romantic novels.

"Richard, he paint the animals."

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Reviews and Comments

John Kelly: Worlds foremost maritime artist.

"His talent with a brush and canvas are second only to his gracious spirit and kind heart."

Aldo Luongo: Internationally acclaimed post-impressionist painter.

"Rarely does an artist come along who captivates us with his dynamic, vibrant and colorful art work."

Trini Lopez: Grammy Award Singer, guitarist and actor.

"Richard's Book is fantastic!"

Godard: Best selling artist in America.

"Enfantino, no two roads converge by accident I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. You flippen rock! Im your #1 fan."

Tony Curtis: Film actor whos career spaned six decades. He acted in more than 100 films. He was also an accomplished artist.

"The color and brightness says it all."

Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann: World renown, top romantic artist

"Richard's art is brightand sunny, you can feel the life force radiating from each piece."

James Coleman: Worlds leading contemporay fine artist, best known for his work with Disney

"Richard Enfantino is a dreamer. From murals to canvas, parrots to sea life, he dreams it and lives it. If you get to know him or his work, you'll know he is the real thing."

Criss Angel: TV star and one of Americas best magician and illusionist. His art book is great.