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The journey begins in the Palm Trees of Key West, the rain forests of Costa Rica and Panama and ends on Richard’s canvas. Based on his life in the “Keys”, his visits to Hawaii, his passages through the Panama Canal and his frequent visits to the rainforests of Panama and Costa Rica, Richard puts paint to canvas to create his Tropical Bird Series. Brilliantly clad in green, gold, blue, yellow and red plumage, the Tropical Birds stand out against the green foliage of the palm trees and rainforests like fireworks against the night sky.The depth of the colors and the intracasy of the detail bring the birds to life. Its almost as if you are standing in a tropical rainforest while the Parrots, Toucans, Cockatoos, Flamingos and Maccaws are perched all around you. When people see the incredibly beauty and colors of the tropical birds that Richard has transferred to canvas they smile and say “Wow”. Come along and join Richard as he presents his Tropical Bird Series.

."One smile is worth a thousand words" Richard Enfantino

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Richard Enfantino