Richard Enfantino

The Art of​

Tropical Fish Series

Lets plunge into the underwater world of the tropical reefs. Here, the water is warm and crystal clear and the Coral Reef below is teeming with life forms of every shape, color and description. Green, red and blue kelp anchored to the sandy bottom, move to and fro with the gentle current while reef fish gently slip thru the kelp fronds and above the purple brain coral in a leisurely manner. Bright red starfish slowly slip across the ocean floor. The pace of life here is slow and almost carefree. They swim singly and in massive schools. Their bright almost irredescent colors are high-lighted by the sunlight and stand out brilliantly against the blue water. The bright yellows, deep reds, majestic purples, crimson blues and eye catching oranges of the tropical fish are breathtaking and are candy for your eyes. With his paint brush in hand or just a bucket of paint, Richard captures a slice of life on the reef and renders it permanently onto canvas. Grab your swim mask, snorkel and fins and let Richard take you through his world of Tropical Fish